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We proudly introduce ourselves as a distinguished full-service Construction & Design Firm situated in Supply, North Carolina, boasting licenses that span across 17 states. Furthermore, we hold professional licenses authorizing immediate operations in both North Carolina & South Carolina. At the helm of Full Spectrum is a dynamic leadership duo comprising of CEO Mary Anne Hewett and COO Melissa Hunt.

The genesis of our journey traces back to modest origins in 2006 when Mary Anne Hewett, a licensed interior designer & boutique owner, engaged in design consultations, space planning, and the creation of residential interiors. The year 2018 marked a pivotal milestone as Full Spectrum underwent incorporation, evolving into the comprehensive interior design & construction firm that stands today.

Throughout our trajectory of growth, Full Spectrum has adeptly navigated projects spanning the domains of residential & commercial building and design. We take pride in positioning ourselves as a holistic solution provider, catering comprehensively to the needs of our clientele.

From the conceptualization phase to project culmination, we stand unwaveringly by our clients' side, collaborating closely with stakeholders to conceive ideas, meticulously guide them through our methodical processes, and seamlessly integrate three-dimensional visual representations to bring a unique perspective to the design landscape. This enables our clients to virtually explore the envisioned space before it comes to life.

Subsequent to the approval of our projects, we embark on the journey of transforming concepts into tangible realities, bringing our clients' projects to fruition and inspiring smiling faces for years to come.

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